Saturday, May 29, 2010

Elf Eyeliner & Shadow Stick Review.

I recently decided to try the Elf eyeliner and shadow stick because the one I was using wasn't dark enough and it didn't last long. I use the eyeliner inside the eyelid top and bottom but because I have oily skin I can't use just any eyeliner. I was looking for something inexpensive but not really cheap either. I saw Elf at Target and decided to give it a try since I keep hearing about it. For $3.00 I thought it was a good deal.

I wanted the eyeliner but they didn't have it in black so I had to go for the duo. The shadow end color is smoke and the eyeliner end is black. The eyeliner goes on very smoothly, too smoothly for me but the color is dark which is how I like it. I haven't tried the shadow but I'm assuming it is very close to the eyeliner's consistency.
I left it on all day and was hoping I was going to have good results. At the end of the day I still had some but it smudged under my eyes easily. I had to keep checking my eyes. Although these days the smokey/didn't took it off it last night eyes are in. If it was fall or winter I wouldn't mind the smudges but summer is coming. The heat makes my make up melt almost instantly, hate it! For now I'm going to keep using this one until I find the eyeliner alone. Then I will give it to my daughter, she has dry skin so it won't be much of a problem for her. I will also review the eyeliner, hopefully it will be the one!

Note: This is not a sponsored post and there was no compensation for the review of this product.

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