Saturday, May 29, 2010

PhotoHunt - Memorial.

It's time for PhotoHunt again. This weeks theme is Memorial. This picture was taken by me in 2009. The memorial is of Horace Greeley the founder and editor of the New York Tribune. This is one of two sculptures in his name, this one is at City Hall (by John Quincy Adams Ward, 1890). There is another at Herald Square (by Alexander Doyle, 1892). If you would like to join PhotoHunt click on the link. Happy Memorial day weekend!♥♥

Horace Greeley

Greeley made his name in publishing as founder (in 1841) and editor of the New York Tribune. The Tribune, known for its national and international reporting, featured such prominent writers as Margaret Fuller, Charles Dana and Karl Marx. Greeley’s editorials railed against slavery, poverty, suppression of women’s rights, capital punishment, tobacco, alcohol and marital infidelity, and promoted peace movements, vegetarianism, labor rights and high tariffs. Read any history of the Civil War, and you’re likely to come across Greeley's frequent, often contradictory exhortations to President Lincoln. Through the Tribune, Greeley became so well known and well liked that in 1872 he won 43% of the vote in the presidential election against incumbent Ulysses S. Grant.

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  1. He was a great man. An excellent take on this week's theme

  2. A beautiful scripture of him. Thanks for sharing this!
    Enjoy your weekend.

    I'm a bit late, but here is my entry -

    Mariposa's PhotoHunt

  3. What a lovely day to take a walk in the park!

    My photohunt post is up

  4. Jams, Mariposa and Bonggamom thank you so much for stopping by :-)

  5. Sorry I am late getting to your PhotoHunt post. Mr. Greeley's name came up a lot in my school days. He is certainly worth the honor of a memorial. Great take on this week's theme and have a super weekend.

  6. Scott, thank you so much for stopping by my corner. I enjoyed your entry too :-)


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