Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I play pranks on mis hijos/my children every now and them. Not extreme pranks though. Sometimes I am successful, sometimes I am not. Here is one, my son went to the bathroom and I decided to play a prank on him. 

I waited until he was about to get out and literally slided to the floor from the sofa because estoy gordita, tu sabes. I was pretending I fainted, lol. I laid there trying to hold my laugh. Then he walks in and says in a serious voice as he is passing by "Good luck getting up". I started cracking up, couldn't move because I was out of breath. It was hell for me to get up, almost peed on myself and paid for it (backache) until the next day! Photobucket Pin It Now!


  1. Lol that's cute! I'm sure it's pretty entertaining to play tricks on them!

  2. It is entertaining! It puts a smile on their faces and I love it. Thanks for commenting!


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