Saturday, May 15, 2010

Sleepless, Venting & PhotoHunt.

Good morning! It's almost 6AM and I haven't gone to sleep. Went to bed, laid there for an hour trying to sleep but nothing. Had no other choice but to sit here to wait until I get sleepy. Don't like laying in bed tossing and turning because my mind starts to wonder and I end up getting anxious. It doesn't help there were some idiots jodiendo in front of the building at 3AM. Have to remember to play the lotto para ver si me pego/to see if I win and move the fuck out of this area! 

Anyway, here I am writing some posts, listening to music and catching up on some TV shows. Talking about TV shows, Twitter was overloaded with news of all the shows that were canceled. Sucks royally that at least 3 of the shows I like were canceled, mierda. I am sure I'm not the only one who is pissed about the cancellations. I watch Law & Order but I can live without it, it has been around forever. Heroes and Trauma I am going to freaking miss. Both have good stories, good characters and were getting better and better! Same thing as Flash Forward, mierda! They build us up to leave us hanging like this. Cabrones!Photobucket

Ok, now that I'm finished with my venting it's time for PhotoHunt. This week's theme is half. Getting a picture for this theme was easier than I thought. We took these pictures last Sunday at the Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum. The second picture doesn't look as good as the first one because it was taken with a Blackberry cell camera. You can't read what it says in the plaque about the man in the pictures whom they called the Man in full so I googled him. Here it is some of what I found on Wikipedia. Even though he only had half a body he was able to live a full life. If you would like to join PhotoHunt click on the link. Happy Saturday!♥♥

Johnny Eck, born John Eckhardt, Jr. (27 August 1911, Baltimore, Maryland - 5 January 1991, Baltimore, Maryland) was an American freak show performer born with the appearance that he was missing the lower half of his torso. Eck is best known today for his role in Tod Browning's 1932 cult classic film, Freaks. He was often billed as the amazing "Half-Boy" and "King of the Freaks".

Besides being a sideshow performer and actor, Johnny Eck was also an artist, photographer, illusionist, penny arcade owner, Punch and Judy operator,expert model-maker, race car driver, swimmer, runner, tight rope walker, animal trainer, gymnast, orchestra conductor, train conductor and traveler.


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  1. I remember seeing that guy in Freaks. I had no idea he was so accomplished, or that he was still alive when I first saw the movie back in the 1980s! Am checking him out on Wikipedia right now.

  2. Janiss, I never heard of him until I saw him at Ripley's. The doctors didn't believe he would live long. I am glad he was able to live a full life. Thanks for stopping by :-)

  3. Wow! he's amazing.

    Happy Weekend. My half entry is posted.

  4. wow, he's incredible! Very inspiring indeed! : )


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