Monday, July 12, 2010

Google or Bing?

As a parent I have always tried to be on top of how things work with computers and the internet. My children are grown up but I still monitor what my son does online. My daughter not so much, she's a lot older. Not that my son uses the computer a lot. His thing is video games. Still he knows to only visit the sites he has permission to. He knows that if he goes to a porn site I will know whether I have a program to monitor my computer or not because all kinds of pop ups, adware or a virus will mess up the computer. This so far (that I know of) has stopped him from going to porn sites. Plus he knows like we say in Puerto Rico, yo le arranco la cabeza/I will tear his head off!  

Which brings me to the reason of this post. I tend to use Google a lot to do research, search for recipes, for anything I need. However, not too long ago I was searching for an Asian actor who I have seen in movies and TV but didn't know his name. I searched in Google but couldn't find him so I decided to search in Bing. This is what I typed to search for the actor I was looking for "Asian actors with facial hair". As you all know not many Asian actors have facial hair so this should have been an easy search right? Not! 

I clicked on search and I was shocked when I saw the images that came up in the first line not the first page because Bing shows you all the images in one page. There were naked men and naked women. Once I scrolled down it got worse, full on porn. Mind you this shouldn't have happened because my settings were on moderate. Naked men and women maybe but full on porn? This pissed me off because there are parents out there who trust their search engines and the settings they use for things like these not to show up. 

I searched the same thing in Google and I went passed page 6 before a girl showed up in a bikini with the caption saying underneath I have black pubic. You can see it in the picture below, last row. I continued to next pages up the 12 and nothing else showed up. What a difference. Today, I checked Bing again with the same search this time it gave me this message; The search Asian actors with facial hair may return explicit adult content and has been filtered by your Bing SafeSearch settings. You can also see the picture below. Perhaps someone complained? 

Now, I'm not saying that this happens with every search in "Bing" but it is something to think about. Just thought I would share what happened to me with other parents out there so they can keep their eyes open. To make sure your search settings are set up to strict if you have children using the computer for homework etc. Want to make clear I didn't check other search engines either. 

So If you have children or teenagers and they are sometimes home alone consider purchasing a monitoring software or lock your computer. I used PC Tattletale for 7 days a long time ago and it was good. The irony, I used it to spy on my ex when were together not my children, lol. But that's another story!♥     

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  1. That is crazy!! I have to make sure my pc is super monitored! Thanks for letting us know!

  2. Lisa, your welcome. These days because people are mostly interested in making money they tend to overlook things.


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