Wednesday, August 4, 2010

100 Things About Me.

Wow, can't believe is already August. I don't like summer much because of the hot temperatures but time is going by too fast! I feel guilty that we haven't done much but we are on a budget right now. Hopefully before the summer is over things will get better and we will be able to enjoy ourselves a bit. 

Ok, on to the topic of this post. I did this Meme on my old blog and had forgotten about it until I visited the blog of Dianne Rambling On and was reading her about me page. Thought it was a good idea she used it for that. I'm going to do a new one because my old blog doesn't exists anymore, lol. Things have changed since my first Blog and I have new readers. Here it goes...

100 Things About Me!
  1. I have an accent when I speak English.
  2. When I get nervous or upset my accent gets worse or I forget how to speak English.
  3. I am shy.
  4. I can be a potty mouth, I say the F word a lot.
  5. I'm addicted to the internet.
  6. I'm addicted to Social Networking.
  7. I'm good setting up electronics and putting things together.
  8. I like to test new software to see how it works and what flaws it has.
  9. I love cheese!
  10. I love office supplies, pens, post its, appointment books, etc.
  11. I like playing video games although I don't play them often.
  12. I'm a loyal friend but if you screw me that's it.
  13. Certain sounds make me anxious, make me physically ill.
  14. I don't drink or smoke.
  15. I'm sort of scared of heights.
  16. I dislike spoilers, I like the element of surprise.
  17. I hate bullies with a passion.
  18. I love sweets too much.
  19. When I'm feeling down, a hug from either of my kids or listening to music makes me feel better.
  20. I'm a worry wart.
  21. I love using Paint Shop Pro, not an expert but know my way around it.
  22. I'm a procrastinator.
  23. I like helping people, sometimes too much.
  24. We have a cat, he's the baby of the house.
  25. I'm not a good cook and don't like cooking much but have to.
  26. I love taking pictures.
  27. I am glad I started this blog.
  28. I wanted to be a dancer growing up.
  29. People think I'm stuck up because I'm always serious and I'm not talkative.
  30. I don't go to church but I believe in God.
  31. I don't watch Spanish TV much but I read about it on the web.
  32. I can be a dreamer.
  33. I believe in Ghosts.
  34. Celebrities I have seen in person: Ricky Martin, Jennifer Lopez, Jon Secada, Chayanne, Menudo (First Group) and Olga Tañon.
  35. My favorite seasons are fall and winter.
  36. I love TV, some of the shows I watch: Lie To Me, The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, Fringe, Brothers & Sisters.
  37. Both of my parents are Puerto Rican.
  38. My favorite color is black.
  39. My favorite browser these days is beta Google Chrome.
  40. I enjoy Latino, Italian and Chinese food. Craving an egg roll right now!
  41. Cinnabons are one of my weaknesses!
  42. The first time I saw Steel Magnolias I cried like a baby.
  43. I love listening to 80's music, reminds me the good old days!
  44. I forgot how difficult it is to come up with 100 things!
  45. I dream about having an iPhone but that's a luxury I can't afford!
  46. I can think better at night when everything is quiet.
  47. I have a vivid imagination.
  48. I'm 40 something but mentally I feel younger.
  49. I love Christmas time. Wish it was longer.
  50. I'm very territorial when it comes to mis hijos/my children.
  51. I'm not into politics or sports but I do read the news about it here and there.
  52. I don't get the fascination people have with the show Jersey Shore. They are just playing characters in order to get paid.
  53. Dying for Netflix to stream True Blood on HD so I can finally see it!
  54. I enjoy funny tweets. I wish Twitter would add smiley face graphics though.
  55. I love salsa y merengue music mostly old style.
  56. I love dancing.
  57. I need to loose weight. At least 120 lbs.
  58. I was in a folklore dance group for a short time when I was in High School.
  59. I'm 5'5. Wish I was few inches taller.
  60. I use the AOL software beta. I love it, is the first thing I open when I turn on my computer. Been using the AOL software since 1996!
  61. I suffer from allergies.
  62. I cut down on the TV shows I watch. 
  63. Netflix streaming is being used everyday after dinner.
  64. I have 3 new books that I haven't read.
  65. I love make up.
  66. I'm waiting for the day when a cosmetic company invents a foundation for oily skin that truly lasts more than an hour!
  67. I use MAC Studio Fix and it sucks, at least for me.
  68. My favorite perfume is Paris from Yves Saint Laurent.
  69. I still can't believe Michael Jackson is dead.
  70. Two things a woman should have, eyelash curler and clear mascara for the eyebrows.
  71. I dislike loud people.
  72. I miss Latin food cooked by grandmother.
  73. I skip commercials because the food makes me hungry.
  74. I love seafood.
  75. My meds have made me gain a lot of weight.
  76. My heart starts racing when someone rings my door bell or knocks on the door.
  77. I saw Blondie walking in Manhattan years ago. She looked good.
  78. When I get angry I tend to curse mostly in Spanish.
  79. I have become a recluse in the past 6 years.
  80. Listening to Kelly Clarkson's Already Gone as I type this.
  81. I haven't been to Puerto Rico in over 10 years.
  82. I dream of one day owning a house.
  83. I don't know how to drive. Lucky we have trains and buses!
  84. I do know how to ride a bicycle, lol.
  85. My inbox has over 1900 emails most of them are newsletters, recipes, etc. 
  86. I think my router is giving up soon. I keep getting intermittent service.
  87. Richard Marx Hold On To the Nights is playing. The memories...
  88. To me a great kiss is as good as making love. You know those kisses that make your whole body pulsate.
  89. Open Your Heart by Madonna playing now. Love this song.
  90. I used to dress like Madonna, Boy George Michael Jackson and Prince back in the days. Everyone knew me because of my clothes, lol.
  91. When I buy things depending on the price I keep the box in case something happens and I have to exchange it or return it.
  92. One of my favorite quotes "Dios aprieta, pero no ahorca" "God squeezes but does not strangles"
  93. I hate when people drop by unannounced. 
  94. I have been to one concert in my life. Two if you count the taping of a show.
  95. When I was a kid oatmeal used to make me gag. Now I love it!
  96. When I was about 3 or 4 years old I almost was kidnapped by two guys in the building where my great grandmother lived. The guys had me in the elevator already.
  97. I'm very overprotective when it comes to mis hijos/my children.
  98. I'm good at reading people especially those who are up to no good.
  99. I have tried other apps for Twitter but I always go back to TweetDeck, or the classic Twitter.
  100. Wish I had the money, the clothes and the stamina to go to BlogHer. Looking forward to all the Tweets/Posts/Pics/Videos!

    Hope I didn't bore you with my 100 things!♥♥
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