Sunday, August 8, 2010

My Weekend & Sunday Funnies.

The end of the weekend again! This week felt like it zoomed by. One day it was Monday and the next it was Friday. Not that I'm complaining of course! I stayed home, Friday I had a huge migraine all day. Yesterday, I cooked, cleaned, tweeted, listened to music and watched a movie con mis hijos/my children. Right now I'm listening to music and after I finish with this post is kitchen time to cook dinner. Anyone wants to cook for me, lol. 

This weekend New York was invaded by all the ladies/some gentlemen from BlogHer! I spent the weekend catching up with their tweets/pictures saying how much they enjoyed being in New York which makes me feel proud as a New Yorker. Looking forward to the blog posts with photos and videos! Well, I hope everyone is having an awesome Sunday recuperating from all the dancing/mingling.♥♥

Here are today's funnies!

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