Thursday, August 5, 2010

Stay Cool, Save Cash!

It's going to be HOT one today! Centers are going to be open around the city for those who need a place to cool down. When it gets hot like this we tend to use a lot more electricity because we want to keep the air conditioner on all day long. Mis hijos/my children want to keep it on all day but I tell them no way. I keep the air conditioner on until it gets cool and then I turn on the fan. Here are some tips from Con Edison about what you can do to save electricity and save some dinero at the same time!

My Con Edison bill has been through the roof lately because of this weather. I'm sure a lot of people out there are going through the same thing. At times like these is good to know can we can call Con Edison and ask for an extra 15 days to pay the bill. I admit it, I have called more than once. Sin verguenza ninguna/Without any shame. You can also make payment arrangements. You can find all of this and other programs to help you here

Stay cool mi gente and if you have elderly neighbors check on them por favor/please. 

I hope all the ladies at BlogHer are staying cool! Looking forward to tweets with pictures and videos!♥♥

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