Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween & Sunday Funnies!

Happy Halloween to everyone! So jealous of all of you who get to wear a costume and have some fun. I miss it doing that. We are staying in, rented Drag Me to Hell to watch later. Plus we have Pandorum to stream from Netflix. Two spooky movies to enjoy our Halloween. Don't know what I'm making for dinner yet. If it was up to me I wouldn't cook but can't do that. Must cook dinner. What about you? What are you doing tomorrow? Cooking anything special, going to a party or staying in like us? Whatever you do stay safe!Photobucket

Can't believe October is already gone, it flew by. This whole year has gone by so fast. Two more months and we will be in 2011. Scary, if you listen to all the crap people have been saying about 2012. I don't believe in that. Well, not yet anyway. LOL I am looking forward to the Christmas spirit. Those chilly mornings where one sits and enjoys a hot cup of coffee to warm our bones and our spirit. Yes, my spirit needs warming I don't know about yours!Photobucket

Ok, on to my Sunday Funnies. And again, stay safe and please please check those candies before the kiddies eat them. We know there are lots of crazies out there. 

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