Saturday, October 16, 2010

Sabroso Saturday - Cake Recipe New York Chica Posted.

PhotobucketI'm sorry I'm very late with my Sabroso Saturday/Tasty Saturday. As some of you know I decided to make the cake New York Chica posted not too long ago. A low fat cake made out of two ingredients only. Click on the link to see the recipe. I made it on Wednesday and there is hardly any left. Here are the pictures. It is riquísimo/delish. So moist I didn't even drink milk with it. Easy to make although mixing it was a bit of a hassle (at least for me) because I don't have a mixer but it was worth it! We are not fans of chocolate cakes here but this one was a hit!  Thank you very much to New York Chica for sharing the recipe. 

If you would like to join Sabroso Saturday from Latina On A Mission click on the chicklet or the link! Happy Sabroso Saturday!

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