Sunday, October 17, 2010

Life, Weather & Sunday Funnies!

PhotobucketHappy Sunday mi gente! Woke up sweating, WTF? Yes, the heat was/is on even though outside is not even cold. Wanted to keep sleeping but couldn't. Right now I have three windows open and the fan on. When the hell Fall is going to get here? I keep waiting for the 50's - 40's temperature but nothing. Mother nature is messing with us! I wonder how this winter going to be. Last year we didn't get much snow. What is winter without snow damn it! I want some good snow falling this year. Who's with me?

Conversation between my son and I. 

Me: What do you want for dinner? 
Him: What do we have?
Me: I tell him what we have.
Him: Alfredo fettuccine?
Me: Ok. How do you want the chicken? (I cook it two different ways).
Him: Whichever is easier.
Me: I smile while thinking he's so understanding when it comes to dinner. Now, if only all men were that way...

Here is a very sunny Sunday. Hope everyone is enjoying their day like I am. I'm thinking, I don't want this day to end. Bueno, my feet are swollen so off I go to put them up and hope the swelling goes down. Enjoy your day and my Sunday funnies...

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