Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Just My Damn Luck.

I've had the worse possible luck this week. On Monday morning my router burned out. I saw all the lights flashing like crazy but didn't think anything of it. So I unplugged it thinking it was the internet that had stopped working. Plugged it back and the damn thing was dead. Noooo! I thought don't panic, check it again. I refused to give up and kept trying different things (thanks to Google!) to check if it would work but nothing. So now I have to buy a new one. Things break at the worst possible time. When you are broke. I have been looking for something cheap and so far have found a few below $35. That is not necessarily cheap but is cheaper than $50, right? Whether I want to or not I need to get one.  

Also on Monday, yes it was an eventful day. The super came by to tell me I have two leaks, in the bathroom and bedroom. He thought he had fixed the one in the bathroom but it was still leaking. Yesterday, he finally found out what it was so he tells me I couldn't use the bathroom until he tells me, right. I said no problem. What happens? I start feeling really sick and I get a stomachache! Just my damn luck. I'm praying for the super to show up and say you can use it now. Nothing, he finished the job and never bothered to come up to say I'm finished. I was so pissed! I had to use it eventually but all I kept thinking was him coming over to check the damn bathroom while I was using it. OMG!

If that wasn't enough when he (super) came on Monday he closed the radiator half way (bedroom) but didn't tell me. I thought he was just looking at it. Three hours later I go in my bedroom and what do I find? The whole ceiling is covered in water dripping everywhere, all four walls of the bedroom! Now there are drip marks all over the walls, ugh. I'm still pissed about it. I cleaned most of it but I knew he was coming back so I decided to wait until he's done with everything to clean it completely. He's coming back today and I'm hoping it will be an easy job because I need go outside to run some errands. Well, depending on the weather of course. I don't have shoes to walk on icy sidewalks. I so do not want to fall like a plátano/plantain in the middle of the street. Imagínate que verguenza! 

As you can see it has been one hell of a week so far. I'm stressed out because there are other things going on also. Needless to say I'm not feeling too good. Stress turns into hunger and tension headaches. Not fun at all. If you have a bit of luck/prayers, please send some my way. I really need it...

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