Saturday, June 4, 2011

My Saturday.

PhotobucketBeautiful day today! I'm sure most of you are outside enjoying it. Me, I was running around all week so today I'm just relaxing. Listening to music, catching up with things, like my Blog for instance. I'm slowly getting into the blogging mood again. Been going through some personal stuff but things are getting a "bit" better, gracias a Dios. I hope I'm not jinxing it by blogging about it, lol.

My daughter is out with her friends so is just me and my son today. Dinner will be easy and fast, tacos! One of my son's favorite. Not too happy that we don't have a movie to watch though. Forgot to deposit money in the bank for Netflix so I had to put it on hold until Monday, it sucks! I'm having withdrawal symptoms...Photobucket

Talking about my son, he is so happy no ecstatic with the welcome back package from Sony Playstation! I have to give it to them that was a very nice thing to do. My son downloaded two of the games, Little Big Planet and Infamous. Those are full games not demos. I know they are not new games but my son didn't have neither of them so he's happy. Yes, PS3 games are expensive ($59.99 when they first come out) so we can't afford to buy every game my son likes. Here is their blog in case you would like to know more about the welcome back package. Enjoy!

Bueno, mi gente I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. Stay safe!Photobucket

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