Sunday, November 27, 2011


Ok, Thanksgiving passed but I'm still craving the food! Just looking at the pictures makes me salivate, lol. Especially the pernil and the rice. We had a nice dinner and nap that day, lol. We didn't even see the movie we rented. The food turned out delish. See the pictures? So delish I was surprised! I didn't think I had put enough seasoning on the pernil but it turned out great. I kept picking at it while it was cooking. By the time it was dinner time I was a bit full. I also baked brownies (from a box) because I had made some the week before and my son wanted more. They were so tasty and chewy. Friday we had the leftovers. So it was like Thanksgiving day all over again. I'm guessing everyone else's food ran out as well. Next, Christmas dinner!Photobucket


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