Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Lady Gaga's Holiday Workshop At Barneys!

By now you probably have heard that Lady Gaga opened a Holiday workshop at Barneys in New York, where you can find all kinds of Gaga stuff. I heard about it just last night when I saw part of the interview on Nightline. It looks very colorful, whimsical and very Lady Gaga! You will find from cosmetics to accessories to cookies/lollipops and toys. I love the stuffed monster set! If you would like to see the merchandise click here. The site is very fun to navigate. You can even make an avatar a la Lady Gaga. 

This stuff is not cheap of course. For instance Gaga's press on nails cost $45. Yes, you heard that right, but if you can afford it why not! I would buy a few things if I could. The most expensive items are some of her jewelry and some of her clothing (Leather jackets). Nice thing is that with every sale of any item from Lady Gaga's workshop, 25% will go to the Lady Gaga's Born this Way Foundation. 

I have never been to Barney's but I might just pass by to go inside Lady Gaga's workshop or at least look at the windows, lol. Yes, I am a FAN of Lady Gaga. No, I'm not embarrassed to say it! Viva, Lady Gaga, coño!

Below you can see videos of the event, a timelapse of the workshop and a message from Lady Gaga for her workshop.

Barneys New York - Gagas Workshop Launch Event Sizzle from Stellarhead on Vimeo.

Barneys New York - Gagas Workshop Timelapse Video from Stellarhead on Vimeo.

Barneys New York - Lady Gaga Message for Gagas Workshop from Stellarhead on Vimeo.

image credit: abc news radio

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