Sunday, December 11, 2011

Change For A Dollar.

It's late or early (4:34am) and I can't sleep. I was reading Twitter and Plurk to pass the time when I found this video on Plurk and had to share it. We tend to pass by people asking for money in the street and many times we ignore them. I know I have, out of fear that they are going to see me everyday and accost me for money. Not that I have much money to give away, sometimes all I have in my wallet is change. Change that I myself need to save to buy things that we need. However this video is a reminder that that change can help buy a meal or something for someone else and if you can spare it do give it. 

The supermarket part (the mother), I have been in that situation but I have also helped people who have been there. It's my way of thanking God for the little that we have. I realize that the video is not so much about the man buying something for himself, if not how many people he helps with it. Very well done video. I would like to know what you think.♥

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