Friday, December 16, 2011

Very Upsetting!

I am a mother, my kids are both over 18 years old. Still, it is upsetting to me that one can't watch a YouTube video of animals doing tricks without having something pornographic show up right in front of your face! Lisa from New York Chica shared a link on Facebook about a Chihuahua named Stuart dancing salsa. Sounds harmless right? I am watching the video, laughing because it is kind of funny. Then when it finished, the video for the picture you see above with the white square on it, is one of the videos that comes up as a suggestion. I couldn't believe it when I saw it! I had to look twice. I'm so upset, nothing is freaking sacred these days. 

Parents watch these videos often with their children. Sure, there is a button that you can click to have a safe mode search but where is it? All the way at the bottom of the freaking page! Not everyone is familiar with how things work on the internet. Why owners of websites can't think about that when they are incorporating parental controls on their sites? I was going to show this video to my son, good thing I saw this before I showed it to him. Now I can avoid a really embarrassing moment. 

The worst part is that even if you close the page and open the Dancing Chihuahua video again, it will still show up as a recommendation again. Not only on top but on the side also between a bunch of videos of funny animal videos. Sure, for some of you this might not mean anything but as a mother it is upsetting that one can't even enjoy some funny videos of animals without having something disgusting show up! Mind you, I'm no prude but come on, not everyone wants to look at a crotch while looking at videos with their family or friends! YouTube should change their system to avoid this from happening and move that button to the top where is visible to everyone!

So, if you don't have the safe mode setting set up on YouTube do set it up before you do a search to avoid videos like these from showing up while you are trying to enjoy yourself with your family and friends. Ok, now my rant is over, carajo.

image credit: youtube

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