Friday, December 16, 2011

Damn Documentaries!

It's 6 AM am, I was able to sleep for 4 hours only. Had no other choice but to get up. Why? Simple, I'm spooked! I watched a documentary on NetFlix last night called Mysteries Of Angels and Demons. Now, all I can think is the interviews of the people on the show. The things that happened to them, lol. I mean it was a poorly made documentary but still it got to me. Not to mention that the night before I watched Eyes of The Mothman which was pretty bad. Still, it got to me a little.

I was sleeping fine with my fan on and my nature sounds playing on my cell phone next to me. Then a noise wakes me up. An ice tea bottle my daughter had left on her desk fell on the floor. I had my son put a night light on the hallway before we went to sleep, lol. So when I opened my eyes I could see. I see my cat standing next to the desk looking at me and the bottle on the floor. Y pa' que fue eso/and that was that, I couldn't go back to sleep for like an hour. 

Then came the dream, I should say nightmare. In it, I could see myself trying to go to sleep but kept hearing noises when I closed my eyes. I kept trying to turn on the TV but the damn thing wouldn't turn on. I would close my eyes but then opened them right away thinking something was standing in front of me. Go ahead laugh but some scary stuff has happened to me so I tend to believe in some of this stuff! 

Back to the dream, I could feel my heart beating really fast and feeling more scared. To the point that I could almost hear the sound of my own heart! Then I woke up, I'm glad it was a dream but it is still scary. Had no other choice but to get up and turn on the computer! So here I am, still spooked even though the light is on and it is 6:30 AM.

I know I'm going to be very tired later but I'll drink some coffee although I know is not going to help much. Coffee doesn't have that effect on me for some reason. I'll wait until mis hijos are around to take a nap.Photobucket 

What about you? Do you scared easily?

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