Monday, May 4, 2009

The Hoff & David Cook.

The Hoff like they call him these days, has been drinking again and a lot according to PopEater. He was taken to the hospital after his daughter found him and kept moving him even smacking him and he wouldn't wake up. She called her mother and she rushed there. However his publicist says his ex exaggerated the whole story because she hates his guts and wants to damage his reputation! He better get his act together one of these days he won't be so lucky! I love this animation, that's from Spongebob, I had to use it!

On a sad note David Cook's brother, Adam Cook died over the weekend. As you all know he had cancer for a long time even went into remission I believe. My condolences to David and his family. It's sad, David makes it big and looses his brother at the same time. I'm glad they got to share some time together and he got to see David's career take off. You can see him below giving a speech and announcing the passing of his brother at the Race for Hope in Washington DC, it made teary eye to hear him trying to keep it together. My thoughts are with him.♥♥

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  1. Iknew as soon as I saw the Hasselhoff image that it was from the Sponge Bob movie...there is something wrong about that, lol.
    I did NOT, however, know about David Cook's brother. Thanks for posting that!

  2. LOL, I saw the movie and it was weird and funny at the same time. Guess he was poking fun at his Baywatch character.

    Your welcome. It was shocking, now I can understand why he (David) looked sad when he was on AI not too long ago...


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