Sunday, June 7, 2009

Me, Myself & I!

Whenever I think of presents I think about the kids. It's always, oh the kids would love this! Well, since turning the big 4-0 I have started to think more about myself. Another birthday is coming soon and I think it's time to get something for myself and myself only! I'm buying an Xbox 360 console! I love how good the graphics are on video games these days and how much you can do. Yes, I'm a bit of a techie.

I'm going to need some extra things like a camera and a mic of course and that's when my friends coming in! I know they will ask me what do I want for my birthday like they always do. My answer is always nothing really. Not this year, this year I'm saying I want some of the hottest games to use with my new toy. Mami needs some fun too!
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