Saturday, June 6, 2009

PhotoHunt - Advertisement

It's a sunny day here and not hot at all. Well, inside my apartment it doesn't feel hot and I'm loving it! Surpringnly I don't hear much buzz going on outside. Normally is very noisy, not that I'm complaining!

Makes me wish I had gone outside today but after yesterday walkaton (had lots of errands) under the rain all I want to do is relax. Plus my son has a cold and he's not in the mood to go out. My daughter is still on her trip and I'm missing her like hell. Well, not like hell because I don't miss hell, lol. You get the idea! ♥

On to this week's PhotoHunt! This week's theme is advertisement. I was happy when I saw the theme because my son took the picture below with his cell phone last year and I thought it was funny so I'm glad I get to use it!

Ad in train

If you would like to join the PhotoHunt crew for some fun click on the link or the PhotoHunt chiclet! Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend! ♥
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  1. Sometimes, all too rarely, an advertisement hits us and really tickles our funny bone while at the same time saying something meaningful... this does. Great job! My hunt is up here.

  2. That is terrific! Funny! Your son took a great shot.

    I've posted two advertisements and hope you'll visit at:

    Sherry at EX Marks the Spot

  3. Mariposa, SRP & Sherry Thanks and thanks for stopping by! Enjoy your weekend ♥

  4. Claudia, thanks for stopping by and commenting! ;-)


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