Sunday, June 21, 2009

PhotoHunt - Creamy!

My daughter is finally back from her trip. It seemed like forever but at the same time it seems like she just left yesterday. I got to the airport about 30 minutes late. The train got stuck and the bus was running slow because it was raining. It was raining when she left also, that's how much rain we have been getting. I thought she was going to be in a bad mood (she can be very impatient) when I got there because I was late. Fortunately her flight was delayed by an hour, I got lucky! I feel complete now that she's home as corny as it sounds but oh so true..

I took some pictures as she was coming out and she was quick to say Ma' what are you doing? She was embarrassed for some reason. To me is something normal. When I was young and living in Puerto Rico whenever my grandmother was returning from NY it was an event. At least 5 of us would go pick her up at the airport. We would take pictures and then have a big dinner. After dinner we would gather around to see what did she bring from los Nueva Yores, lol. Aww, the good old day!♥

On to this week's PhotoHunt even though I'm a day late. This week's theme is Creamy! I of course didn't have a picture with anything creamy so I had to take one. We were getting ready to eat dinner and this is where I got my picture. I like the way it turned out, lol. If you would like to join the fun go here!

Enjoy what is left of the weekend and Happy Father's Day to all the padres y para las madres who have to fill in the father's shoes.

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  1. I love potatoes and onion rings so this is making me hungry. Great shot for the theme.

  2. That looks delish - now I'm getting hungry all over again! Thanks for visiting me this morning, and have a great rest of your weekend, too!

  3. Thanks to both for stopping by! Enjoy your Sunday ;-)

  4. Hola! Just passing through from the Photo Hunt site. Great idea for the week's theme. I invite you to visit mine. *waves*


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