Monday, August 10, 2009

OMG, Angelina!

Am I seeing things or she's disappearing before our eyes. Each time I see a picture of her she's thinner! I saw the picture below where she's with her son while reading and I couldn't believe it was her at first. I looked at another picture taken days apart and it is her. Look at her face in the first picture with her son and her arms on the one below. She's so so thin!

I'm not poking fun at her at all. I'm sad that no one seems to point out or choose to ignore that she's extremely thin because she's Angelina Jolie and they don't want to say anything bad about her. If you look at the other pictures I posted you can see how she used to look. She wasn't heavy at all, she looked healthy and she looked beautiful.

I know she's extremely busy and she has 6 kids but I'm sure she has a nanny, maids and chefs that cook for her. She wears layers of baggie clothes and in dark colors I guess to cover how thin she is. I hope someone will say something to her or she will get to a healthy weight on her own if not for her for her kids. Angelina, Mami there is nothing wrong with putting on 20 pounds and having a few curves, take it from a Latina!

Credit: DS-ISM/Flynet

Credit: WENN
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  1. Maybe she is preparing for a movie role. also with all of the traveling she is doing I suppose a healthy diet is hard to maintain.

    I just hope she's not on some guilt trip and starving because of all of the needy people she sees daily.

    We and they need her to stay healthy!

    Happy day,

  2. I thought about that too but if she is then she has been preparing for well over a year!

    So true about the guilt trip, she shouldn't feel guilty because at least she's doing something you know. I can understand it though I have felt that way when I see people in the streets. Even though I don't have much either.

    Thanks for stopping by, enjoy your weekend!

  3. When looking at the pictures of her I see what you mean, quite similar to recent photos of Madonna. Certainly it's sad to see her like this - hopefully she get back to her healthy look soon!

  4. Melusine, I know! I saw Madonna's picture and I had the same reaction! It is just too much. They start to look ill and manly.


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