Saturday, December 19, 2009

My New Hair Color & PhotoHunt!

Finally dyed my hair with the help of my daughter but there was a bit of a problem.  When I bought it I didn't remember that I was going to dye all my hair and not just the roots so I got only one box.  As I'm starting to do my hair that's when I realized this is not going to be enough.  Had to ask my daughter to run out and get another box.  She wasn't happy at all but went anyway and I told her I was very grateful she did even though I had to wait until she took a shower, got dressed, left and came back to keep dying my hair, lol.  I thought my hair is going to fall out after all this waiting!  It didn't turned out perfect but looks good enough for me and I love the new color.  The color is R68 from Loreal Feria.  Makes me feel purty!

My Christmas tree is not up yet.  Tried looking for it and couldn't find it in the messy hallway closet!  I know where the lights are but not the tree so I left it alone.  I did put my clingies on the window and sprayed snow around them.  They look cute!  By Sunday though my Christmas tree will be up so our cat can lay underneath and sleep.  He loves doing that, hell I even like sleeping with it on.  It's relaxing...*blushes*

Now on to my PhotoHunt.  This week's theme is fast.  I found two pictures and decided to use them both.  The one with the airplane was taken by son last year when we went with my daughter for her to register in College.  The College she goes to is across the Hudson River, great place to take pictures.  We took lots of them that day, I'll post some on another post.  The other one I took it while waiting for the train of course, lol.  If you would like to join the PhotoHunt fun click on the link.  Happy Saturday to everyone and don't get stuck outside in the snow!♥

Train Station

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  1. Both shots are pretty for the theme fast. Happy hunting...

  2. great shots for the photohunt theme today..

    mine is here

  3. Perfect shots for the theme . . . and I like your hair color. :-)

  4. No worries about getting stuck outside in the snow for me -- as I live in a place where it doesn't snow! :b

  5. The train was so fast it was almost out of the picture before you took it LOL. Nice take on the theme.

    Drop by and see mine here.

  6. Gengen, Chie Thanks and thanks for stopping by!

    Lisa, thanks I'm glad I picked that color ;-)

    YTSL, I was raised in a place where it doesn't snow either, that's why I love snow so much.

    Bull, thanks! I'm shy about taking pictures out in public so it took me forever to take it, lol.


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