Wednesday, December 30, 2009

More Sales!

Now that Christmas is over the sales are even better!  Which is a good thing for us Latinos that celebrate The Three Kings day/Tres Reyes Magos, January 6.  I remember when I was a kid I would only get one present for Christmas and the rest for the Three Kings Day.  We didn't like waiting that long but we were used to it.  Plus it meant our holidays were longer and we loved that!  I'm sorry to say I didn't kept the tradition with my kids and now that I think about it it makes me sad.  I hope there are other families out there that do keep the tradition even if their kids were born here...

Anyway, back to the sales, lol.  Since I'm broke I haven't been able to take advantage of the sales.  So here is to all of you who can afford it!  Enjoy!♥

Old Navy - Great stuff on sale for $10 and up.  Some of them are less than $10!

Avenue - Save up to %80 on select styles for limited time!  Great prices!

Lane Bryant - Save up to %60 on dresses, sweaters, denim and more.  Seeing these prices makes me want to cry.  Lane can be very pricey so this would've been perfect...*tear*

Circuit City - Hurry, 48 hours end of the year clearance!  Used to be one of my candy stores.

Staples - Year End Blowout.  Deals end 1-2-10!  If only, this store is also a candy store for me, lol.

Benefit - Get free shipping with any $50 purchase with promo code, get free international shipping with any $115 purchase with promo code and every $35 purchase gets a free surprise FULL size gift!

Best Buy - Check the weekly ad!  Great sales going on. Pin It Now!

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  1. I love the Old Navy sales! I racked up for my little one. I'm now waiting to see if I can get a few things for the teen and myself =)


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