Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year/Feliz Año Nuevo!

Happy New Year/Feliz Año Nuevo mi gente!  I hope everyone is enjoying their morning/day/night with their loved ones and friends.  Staying safe and behaving good, lol.  I sure hope this year will be a better one!  At least for me, 2009 was full of downs and a few ups.  Yet I always think it could have been worse and I thank God it wasn't.  Mis hijos are healthy and that's what matters to me the most.  One of the ups, this Blog and all the people I have met through blogging, Twitter & Plurk even if I've never met anyone in person, not yet anyway, lol.  They have kept me many times from pulling my hair out of frustration believe it or not!  I've never been one to make resolutions because I never keep them but I hope to get over some of my fears/shyness so I can enjoy life more.

I made our pernil with the usual, arroz con gandules, potato salad, cranberry jellied sauce and maduros.  I posted a picture below, I'm not a good cook so I feel proud when the food turns out good.  For the first time I made coquito, I didn't added the eggs (was too tired) or the rum, we don't drink so we didn't have any and we forgot to get it, lol.  I did use cream of coconut instead of milk of coconut, I boiled 3 cinnamon sticks and added the water after it cooled down.  It came out tasty anyway, I'm happy!  Food was done early so we were able to relax for the rest of the day.   

Yesterday morning I looked out the window like I always do to see how's the weather (I don't go out much but I'm obsessed with it) and to my surprise it was snowing!  It was so pretty, there was hardly anyone around so the snow was still untouched. I took a short video and then a picture of what was left after.  It started raining I guess so everything turned to mush in a matter of hours.  This year I hope mother nature won't be cheap with the snow in NYC, last year we barely got any.  Few inches here and there, yes I love snow!  I'm a winter baby...  

My down the hall neighbors are having a party and their kids are jodiendo in the hallway but since is a holiday I don't mind.  Instead I'm listening to some music myself while I'm writing this post, lol.  Should be sleeping but I took a nap earlier and I'm not sleepy at all.  Not that I would be able to sleep with the coming and going from the neighbors!  

Well, enjoy your weekend and may the new year brings nothing but good things to you and your familia.  Joy, plenty of health, love and mucho dinero...Happy New Year/Feliz Año Nuevo!!♥x♥x♥x  

New Year's Eve Dinner

New Year's Eve Snow   
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