Tuesday, March 16, 2010

No Rain Today?

Looks nice out so I'm going out to run errands.  Have prescriptions that need to be picked up, mail some things, pass by the 99 cents store and catch some sun that I'm in need of.  My doctor said so!  She even prescribed me pills for it.  I'm turning into a vampire, lol.

Today is going to be a noisy day I can tell.  Firetrucks/police passing by, cars with their booming music, doors being slammed and people hollering like they live in Alaska and this is the first time they have seen the sun in months!   

Woohoo, I just received a package from Latina Magazine and turns out I won one of the sweepstakes!  I won Antonio Banderas Cologne Black.  I love it!  My son now has a cologne, he's not into cologne, hopefully he will like them now.  This is the second time I win something with them.  First time was a lipstick from Mary Kay.  Talking about Latina Magazine, I renewed my subscription and I thought I wasn't going to get the one with Jennifer Lopez but I received the one with her and the next one!  Very nice of them to send both.  Thank you Latina for the nice surprise!

I received my Census yesterday.  I have been reading it and I'm surprise they ask you for your telephone number.  I feel weird about that, I mean it says they need it in case they don't understand an answer.  How can they confuse an x?  Wonder how many people are going to mail them this year.  Am I the only one that feels weird about them asking for your telephone number?   If you have questions about the Census you can go here.

Hope everyone is enjoying their day...♥♥     Pin It Now!

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