Monday, March 1, 2010

Snow Day.

I know I am late with this post but not having a computer of my own totally sucks.  I have to wait until mis hijos are not using it or waiting to use it so I can sit and concentrate.  Anyway we enjoyed our snow day, stayed in catching up with recordings, watching movies and the kids playing video games.  Listening to the sound of the wind blowing was soothing! 

It was quiet until around 4:30 P.M. when all hell broke out in the street.  A teenage girl started arguing with a teenage boy.  The boy was trying to get away but she wouldn't let him.  Her friend was behind her with a golf club (yes, you read that right!) while someone got the boy a bat!  She kept yelling while trying to call someone on her cell, then I guess they started fighting because I could hear some adults yelling get in there and stop them.  I was looking from my window and all I think of was please God don't let them start fighting.  The fact that some people started yelling to stop them shows that some people still have a good head on their shoulders!  There is still hope, humans!  We are not doomed yet...

Here are two pictures I took from the window on Friday night very early.  I couldn't sleep so I kept looking out the window to see how much it was snowing, lol.♥♥

Snow 2010
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