Friday, March 12, 2010

Were You Born in Puerto Rico? - ¿Nacistes en Puerto Rico?

As a Puerto Rican I wanted to spread the word about the important law that was passed December 2009 about Puerto Rican's birth certificates.  After July 1 if you were born in Puerto Rico you will need to get a new birth certificate because it will no longer be valid.  The reason this law was passed is to avoid identity theft.  Puerto Ricans birth certificates can be sold up $10,000 in the black market.  
"The objective of this law is it will invalidate the old birth certificates so that they will lose their value on the black market," said Luis Balzac of the office of Puerto Rico's governor. By Dean Meminger, NY1
Puerto Rico's legislature passed the law after raids last March broke up a criminal ring that had stolen thousands of birth certificates and other identifying documents from several different schools in Puerto Rico. By Suzanne Gamboa, Associated Press Writer  
McClintock said a news conference held in Puerto Rico in December did not draw national media attention he hoped would spread the word. He noted there is no deadline for getting a new birth certificate. After July 1, the government will issue a temporary, 15-day certificate for those who need a birth certificate in an emergency.


 All birth certificates issued in Puerto Rico will be invali­dated after July 1, 2010.

The Vital Statistics Record Office will not issue new birth certificates until after July 1, 2010.
New birth certificates issued after July 1 will cost $5. Vet­erans and people over 60 are exempt from the fee.
Everyone born in Puerto Rico is affected. However, The July 1 deadline does not mean every Puerto Rican-born per­son needs to apply for a new birth certificate right away: Of­ficials are urging Puerto Rican-born people to wait to file an application unless they need the document for an urgent need such as a passport application or for hiring purposes.
Application forms for new birth certificates will be made available on the Puerto Rico Vital Statistics Record office Web site. The agency’s Web address is
In addition to a completed application, residents should be prepared to supply a photo copy of a government-issued photo identification; a $5 money order made out to the Puerto Rico Secretary of the Treasury; and a self-addressed stamped envelope.
Source: Connecticut Latino and Puerto Rican Affairs Commission
I realize this will cause a lot of problems to Puerto Ricans who live in the United States but if it protects the identity of millions why not. When I first heard about it because I was raised in Puerto Rico I thought this law applied to me too because I tend to forget I was born here and not in Puerto Rico! I am adding some links where you can go and read in details about the new law and how and when you can get a new birth certificate...♥♥

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