Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Good For Her!

By now most of you know Sandra Bullock filed for divorce and adopted a baby boy. I blogged about this whole mess here and here when it started. I am glad she decided to file for divorce, he doesn't deserve her no matter how many times he apologizes. Like I said one woman "could" maybe be forgiven but two, three, four then strippers, porn stars. That is just too much for someone to get over.  

Her adopting a son was a great surprise! He's such a cutie, Dios lo bendiga. Her baby will keep her strong so she can keep moving forward. Of course is not going to be easy and it will be painful but her son will be there to remind her she has her whole life ahead of her and someone to care for. He will give her unconditional love and that is one of the best thing a woman can have when going through difficult times like these...

Congrats on your baby, we are so happy for you! Photobucket   

image credit:   Pin It Now!

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