Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Guest post from: Issac Bird

I love comedy shows. My favorite comedies always seem to air on NBC. I loved The Cosby Show, The Golden Girls and The Torkelsons when I was a kid. Right now, my favorite current comedy show is Community. They've renewed the show for a second season, and I can't wait to see season two. I watch the show on my satellite tv business packages and record every episode on my DVR.

The show is about a group of students at a community college in Colorado. Joel McHale plays the lead role. I remember him from The Soup. He's hilarious, especially his facial expressions. He plays a lawyer who lost his license and is starting all over at community college. He meets some interesting characters, one of which he has a crush on. Chevy Chase is also on the show. Chevy is great as usual. He always does well in comedic roles.

I am currently a student at a community college in Georgia, so I relate to the show because I'm an adult student. It's tough to balance full-time work, a family, and school. Though the show is a comedy, I see my real-life drama in a couple of the students... Pin It Now!

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