Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Antique Book Collection.

Guest post written by Elaine Elders

Old booksImage via WikipediaMy antique book collection started when I inherited the beginnings of it from my great aunt. She was quite the reader and kept many editions of classics like “The Great Gatsby” and “Gone With The Wind.” Lucky for me, I’m a big reader too and also love antiques. I think the collection, which includes about 40 books now, complete my décor in my family room.

Most people don’t take care of their books and fold down corners of pages and leave them lying around. Some o f those books were treated like that but I think it gives them even more character. However, I’m trying to care really good care of all of them now so I can enjoy them for years and possibly pass them onto my daughter later.

That’s why when our air conditioner unit broke, I literally had a meltdown. It was just a few weeks ago in the hottest month of the summer, which is even worse with the Florida humidity. I fixed the problem right away by getting new HVAC systems SearsI didn’t have to worry about the books deteriorating quickly because of the humidity or my family being miserable because of the heat.
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