Sunday, August 22, 2010

Life & Sunday Funnies!

Sorry my Sunday funnies post is very late today. Have been busy with other things around the apartment and I'm still not done. My weekend was uneventful as usual. We went out on Friday to run errands and got home after 8:30PM. My daughter went out with her friend yesterday and today we all stayed in to enjoy the rainy day. I hope the Junta Hispana was full even though it has been raining almost all day. There are still more Junta Hispana events coming up so check out the link above to find out the dates.

Later I have to do laundry, bleh. Catch up with some the shows I have abandoned. Which reminds me I have to set up the DVR for The Gates. Yes, I would love to watch True Blood but can't because I don't have HBO and renting one disk at a time would be a killer for me, lol. So I have to wait until HBO and Netflix feel pitty for us non HBO subscribers and finally allow the show to be streamed on HD through Netflix! Hear that people? 

Talking about Netflix, earlier this week my cable, internet and phone service was out for a day and half. We couldn't watch TV obviously so we decided to watch some movies my daughter's friend burned for us months ago. I watched The Pianist again with my son (was his first time), he loved the movie. At first he didn't wanted to see it but I convinced him and I am glad I did. It is a great movie to see, teaches you things about history and at the same time it teaches you to be happy with what you have because there are always people who have far less. Other movie we saw was Slumdog Millionaire, first time for both. Great movie, but at the time same time sad to see the conditions people live in other countries. Like I said it makes one appreciate what little you have.

As for the cable I thought it was a problem on their end but it turns out the cable was damaged outside. The cable guy fixed it and everything was restored. I wanted ask him what he meant that it was damaged. Did it looked like it was damaged by the weather or someone just ripped it off. Didn't say anything because I didn't wanted to keep him here. It has stayed in my mind though. The damaged cable not the guy, lol. Although he was a cutie! I mean I keep thinking what if it was some pendejo who ripped it off trying to steal some cable. I hope it wasn't the case but from now on thanks to my surge protector I will know if that is the case because a red light goes on when that happens. Found out about that the day he fixed it and the mysterious light went off again...

Ok, enough of my ranting! Here are today's Sunday funnies. Sorry I posted them so late. Enjoy the rest of the evening/day depending on where you are.Photobucket

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