Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What Happened?

I was watching Good Day LA streaming this morning because Kat Von D (love her show) was going to be on the show and they had a segment about kids going back to school and the clothes that are on style etc. I was sitting here listening to the woman talking about what's on style and the prices. A little jacket for almost $30 for a 7-9 year old! Hoodies with pockets for the mp3 players, seriously? To go to school. I kept thinking what the hell they are going to school to learn not to freaking model or to party. 

I think is wrong that people put so much emphasis on what kids wear to school these days. Children no longer are excited to go to school to learn or make new friends but to wear the best clothes around and compete with one another. Sure back in the days there was a little bit of that too but these days is ridiculous. I've seen girls and boys dressed to go to school like they are going to a fashion show or something.   

I remember when I used to go to elementary school I had to wear uniform. My uniform wasn't new I had to wear the same one year after year. To the point it was mini skirt. I would put a pair of shorts underneath. Then again we weren't people of money so we had to stretch the clothes we had as much as we could. It wasn't until high school that I started wearing regular clothes and caring more about how I looked. These days kids start thinking about that before entering school! I think is sad. There is no Mami I'm going to school and I'm going to have a new teacher. Instead, is Mami Claire has a sparkly/bling out backpack and I want it!!! 

Then we wonder what has happened to kids these days. Why girls want to have plastic surgery in their teens and want to have babies like they are dolls. Why boys get into trouble at an early age thinking is the style to have a record. What happened to the age of innocence. It's becoming nonexistent...  

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