Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Much Needed Haircut!

After much procrastination I took the plunge yesterday and got a haircut! It didn't turned out the way I wanted as usual even though I showed her a picture. I wanted this style but no bangs. Everything the same length and you can see the hair is parted at the side. I specifically told her not short in the front because I don't blow dry my hair. I leave it curly so the bangs are not going to look like that. I mean if I could afford it I would blow dry it of course pero no hay dinero/no money. Halle looks gorgeous! 

Anyway, she (the hairdresser) cut it short in the front and parted my hair in the middle. I was somewhat pissed but I was so glad to get rid of all that hair that I didn't said anything. I just paid and left. It will grow back soon anyway. Now I have to relax it and dye it again. I feel so much lighter now. I can just wash my hair in five minutes, some hair gel, dry it a bit and voila! My daughter likes it so I guess it doesn't look bad.Photobucket   

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