Sunday, October 10, 2010

Venting & Sunday Funnies.

So glad is a three day weekend because come Tuesday I have to go somewhere and scream the shit out them! Not looking forward to that I tell you. I don't like having to go somewhere to yell because some people are assholes and refuse to do their job. I mean, you get there taking deep breaths before you get to talk to someone. Finally you talk to someone and all you get is attitude from these bitches. That's when I get fed up and let the Latina out of the cage! WTF! Keep me in your prayers that everything goes smooth and I get to resolve my problem without having to let the Latina out of the cage...

Ok, I feel a bit better after my vent/rant. I'm here fighting to stay awake. Tweeting away and writing this post at the same time. Listening to music on AOL radio, Express Yourself from Madonna just came on. Nothing like Madonna to wake one up! I should be in the kitchen but want to post my Sunday funnies before because I don't usually get on the computer after dinner. I watch TV con mis hijos/my children or I fall asleep for an hour or two.Photobucket 
Here are my Sunday Funnies. Hope you are enjoying your day wherever you are!Photobucket
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