Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Trip to the Nintendo Store.

Guest post written by Ben Livingston

Last weekend, I took my grandson to Rockefeller center in New York City to visit the Nintendo Store. He’s 8 years old, and Nintendo seems to be half of his life here lately—you know how boys are. After spending nearly two hours in the place, he wanted to purchase just about everything the store had to offer, but I had to let him know that his granddad’s wallet had limits!

He tried out about every single game that they had on display, and he couldn’t have been happier. There were about 10 video game stations or so, and all the other kids were playing the games at the same time. I’d just put my new HearingAids in, too, so everything was loud and clear. Eventually I convinced my grandson to leave, but it wasn’t easy.

Afterwards, I took him to his favorite restaurant: McDonalds. He’s a big fan of the kids meals, and I usually take him to get one on our outings.

Sometimes I spoil him more than his parents would like, but what kind of Granddad would I be if I didn’t. 
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