Saturday, November 27, 2010

Back To Normal!

Ok, back to normal. Well, sort of. Yesterday my daughter woke up vomiting and with a stomach ache. Late cheesecake and early bagel with cream cheese might have been at fault. She hasn't felt like that since she was little so when she woke up feeling sick she thought it was hunger. She ate a bagel and off she went. After a long nap she was better thank God. I thought I was going to have to run off to the pharmacy or the hospital.

Then it was my turn, I started feeling dizzy and nauseous. I thought I caught whatever she had but then I remember those are the side effects of my meds. I feel much better for now. All I needed was to sleep it off. Shhh, let me not say it too loud. 

Our Thanksgiving was nice. It was semi quiet because the neighbors were having a party upstairs but not right above me thank God! We enjoyed our dinner. Pernil turned out ok. It wasn't as good as last year but I'll make up for it on Christmas eve. I got so caught up in following instructions on how to make it that I forgot to add my touch and that is what makes it taste good! I didn't get a pie, my son wasn't in the mood for pie and daughter doesn't like it. So, I bought a pack of different types of cheesecakes. Same one I bought last year since I knew it tasted good. 

Leftovers lasted until yesterday. Today's dinner is macaroni and cheese, homemade breaded chicken cutlets and cranberry jellied sauce. Yum! Yes, sounds like a dinner for kids but we love it. It is comfort food damn it, lol. Plus is easy to cook and that's a big plus!  

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend...Photobucket

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