Saturday, November 6, 2010

Life & PhotoHunt - Alive

PhotobucketIt's Saturday, so happy about that! It's a beautiful day outside. Sunny, good temperatures, great day to walk around in the city. Too bad I can't do that with my back hurting worse that it has been. I have to do grocery shopping so I'm hoping the pain will go away a bit by then. If not mis hijos/my children are going to have to go and they are not going to be happy when I tell them. Oh well.

Have no idea what to cook for dinner. Something simple. Maybe arroz/rice con salchichas/sausages, habichuelas negras/black beans y maduros/yellow plantains. That sounds good. We'll see. I baked a cake yesterday, from a box of course! LOL Came out fluffy, very tasty. That will be our dessert for today, tomorrow and the day after. Saves me some money and that is always good!

Later to catch up with the shows I have on the DVR. Ran out of space last night and had to delete some shows! Hopefully I can watch them online. I'm enjoying Cablevision's on demand prime time. I watched The Event there and watched the first 2 episodes of No Ordinary Family. I enjoy both shows. Btw, is it me or the girl in the picture looks like Ke$ha. I know, I know. I'm 40 something years old and I know who Ke$ha is, lol. Her songs can be catchy, lol. You can't tell much in that picture but if you watch the show you can see it. Anyone else thinks she looks like her?

Ok, on to my PhotoHunt for today. Today's theme is Alive. I found two pictures I took in Central Park that are perfect (I think) for today's theme. If you would like to be a photohunter like me click on the link or click on the chicklet below.

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