Sunday, November 14, 2010

My Day & Sunday Funnies.

Hello mi gente. How is your Sunday going? Mine has been blah so far. Have been feeling sleepy/tired all day, hate feeling like that. Not happy the weekend is over either! Tomorrow is the start of the stress all over again, bleh. 

After dinner I'm going to "try" to stay awake to watch Robin Hood with Russell Crowe. Heard it was a good movie, then again what movie with Russell Crowe is not good? The man can act and pick great roles to play. Plus he so damn HOT! Ok, now I'm starting to feel a bit less blah.Photobucket

Dinner cooking time is going to be short because the meat is already prepared, yay! What's for dinner? Arroz blanco/white Rice with bistec empanizado/breaded steak and habichuelas negras/black beans. Just thinking about it makes hungry. Have to start cooking after this post!

Now, on to my Sunday funnies. Hope everyone is having a great Sunday wherever they are... 


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