Friday, November 19, 2010

Picky Thanksgiving.

Guest post written by Charlaine Wilkinson

I really can't believe how picky my family is because I love to be really adventurous when it comes to what I like to eat. I've always been that way. But I guess I should have expected something like this because my husband is incredibly picky. I picked up on that after a few dates because he would order the plainest thing on the menu, no matter where we would go and eat.

I even have to be careful about what I fix for Thanksgiving. So I've been looking for different ways to fix the basic things that they swear by on Thanksgiving by doing my research online with my clearwire. I think that I have some really good ideas.

One of the few really tasty things, to me anyway, that I can force my family into eating are sweet potatoes, but they have to be plain for them to like them. But I found this sweet potato casserole recipe that I'm going to cook up and make them try. I think they'll like it.

image credit: quick dish

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