Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Men And Their Eyebrows.

I was on the bus yesterday going to a doctor's appointment. I normally don't pay too much attention to people's faces because you know this is New York and you don't want to get the what the hell are you looking at look. Yesterday however I couldn't help but notice men and teenagers with their eyebrows waxed. There were so many! I don't know about you but I don't find that attractive at all. Makes them look like effeminate and creepy. One thing is to have a unibrow or unruly eyebrows and have that taken care of. Have them trimmed here and there but to wax your eyebrows on top and bottom like a woman is ridiculous. I noticed that a lot of Latino men are doing it. Which I find funny since most Latino men tend to be all macho. Photobucket

Celebrities are also going overboard with the over waxing. Case in point Dwayne Johnson formerly known as The Rock. Thankfully he let his eyebrows grow, no more arches. He looks so much better now! Complete...

I like men with natural looking eyebrows. Manly looking and a bit rugged. How about you? Are you into the whole waxed eyebrows trend in men?

image credit: kickette, imabeautygeek

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