Friday, July 22, 2011

Microwave Blues!

You know you don't realize how much you depend on a microwave until it stops working! Mine stopped working after 12 years! I was oh well, not too upset about it. Then it came dinner time, breakfast time and it hit me. Crap I can't warm up leftovers in 3 minutes or make coffee in 2 minutes anymore! I have to do it the old fashion way! Needless to say I have been using my stove more than usual at all of times of the day. My son loves having warm cookies with milk. Now he has to use the pan, he has burned quite a few, lol.

Until we buy one whenever I serve food I call mis hijos/my children once if they don't move, I call them again. Only this time I remind them that if they don't get the food they will eat it cold because there is no microwave and I'm NOT going to warm it up for them. They get up right away! That's two good things that have come out of not having a microwave. My son is learning how to use the stove and I don't have to yell their names three and four times for them to get their food.Photobucket

Hopefully by next week we will have one...

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  1. I would go crazy without my microwave. It's such a staple at our house. I bought mine at Best Buy for $40. It was on sale. I love sales! Btw, glad you have mobile in -- I can leave comments on my iTouch!

  2. Muchacha, I'm dying! Have been using the oven a lot to warm up stuff. No way I'm going to stand in the kitchen to wait for things to warm up on the stove, lol.

    I went to Best Buy to look at the microwaves but didn't know which one was good so I decided to wait until I read some reviews. Now I have to wait longer until I save up the money 'cause the one I want cost a little bit more unless they put it on sale!


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