Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Doggy Hotel Movie.

Guest written by our friend Clara Castro

Hotel for Dogs was a really nice family movie. I thought that it was going to be too childish and cheesy for me to enjoy, but I was wrong. This movie didn't have any talking dogs, and the main cast of characters is mostly kids. Don Cheadle and Lisa Kudrow are in it. I watched it on my satellite TV from CABLEtelevision.NET using On Demand.

Since there were no talking dogs, I wondered how the movie was going to be constructed to keep my interest watching dogs basically do what dogs do. It was fantastic how the director used trained dogs and sight gags to engage the viewer. The child and adult actors both interacted with the dogs in the movie like they all knew each other for a long time. There were big dogs and little dog along with cute dogs and ugly dogs. There was even one dog who only had three legs. Way to go in hiring a handicapped canine actor!

Two foster kids were trying to keep together after their parents died. It was just the older sister, the younger brother, and their family dog. However, Friday the dog wasn't welcome at the kids' foster home. They holed up in an old abandoned hotel one night as they were running from the police after some bad kids burglarized a place right in front of them. The young boy was a genius at making fantastic mechanisms out of junk. He mechanized a whole system in the hotel to take care of all the strays they were finding. It's a heartwarming story for the whole family.

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