Sunday, October 2, 2011

Yes, Fall is Finally Here!

PhotobucketBeautiful day in New York! The sun is blinding right now. Oh, Fall how I love thee. I have my window and the curtains open for some cool clean air to come in. Our cat is laying down on the window sill taking it all in. He has been there for hours sleeping or looking at everything that is going on outside. Me, I'm relaxing enjoying the cool air. Reading some blogs, checking emails and writing some posts. Later I'm cooking dinner, do some laundry while we watch a movie.Photobucket

Went to the supermarket yesterday to do the grocery shopping for the week. I looked at the temperature but it didn't seem like it was going to be cold. It was cold! My son kept asking me to hurry up because he wanted to come home. He was cranky as hell and getting on my nerves. Something that made us smile though, was the Coca Cola stand that you see in the pictures below. We thought (we are nerdy, lol) they look so cool. It brings back memories of when I was young. The kids in the neighborhood, each would buy one with a bag of chips then we would go sit in front of one of our houses or on the balcony. Although we didn't pay $1.19 + tax for one freaking soda! They were 25¢ and the chips were 10¢ a bag! I don't know if Coca Cola set the price or the owners of the supermarket did. Either way is a rip off. A bottle of Arizona ice tea that brings twice more content is only a $1. Coca Cola taste so good though. I don't buy it often because they don't sell the 3 litter soda bottle. I buy Pepsi. So you hear that Coca Cola, if you want another consumer start selling 3 litter soda bottles!Photobucket

Coca Cola

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