Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Fairy Tales vs. Reality

Guest post written by my buddy Alice Mays

I can’t wait to say those two little words that every little girl dreams about from the day she is old enough to play with dolls. “I do.” I’ve dreamed about finding my prince charming and marrying him. Now those dreams have become a reality. It’s just like Cinderella. Except they don’t show Cinderella and Prince Charming trying to compromise on major decisions such as registering for dishes, choosing a house, etc. Certainly a test of your relationship before you take the plunge on the big day, but nothing we can’t handle. My point is, there are lots of details that have to be decided upon in order to set up our soon-to-be new life together. We are both New Yorkers so there was no doubt we were going to stay here. We found our house, closed on it and went to work lining up utilities. It was a little overwhelming so we split them. I chose our cable and phone providers very quickly. I wanted to do a little more research and after looking into New York Energy Suppliers, chose our energy provider as well. He had internet, security system and water providers to set up. Once that is done, the house should be ready to start moving our stuff into and meshing two lives into one!

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