Wednesday, January 25, 2012


PhotobucketI got a freebie in the mail from Latina magazine. It brighten up my day, lol. I mean who doesn't love to get freebies in the mail? It's a string sling backpack. Perfect for when you don't want to carry a purse around. My daughter is going to make good use of it that's for sure. Thanks to Latina magazine! 

I also received some coupons for Land o Lakes eggs from Vocalpoint. Problem is that unless I go to Target to buy the eggs I won't be able to use the coupons. The supermarket I go to doesn't take coupons. I have to go today to do grocery shopping so I'm going to ask again. The last time they looked at me like I was from another fucking planet. Pissed me off. You would think I was at a posh supermarket! I guess some places don't want to deal with the extra hassle of having to do coupons unless is from their own store. It sucks because these days I need to save on everything I can.

Talking about savings. I cut off my phone with Cablevision over a year ago. The triple play promotion I had expired so I was being charged full price for the phone and internet. I decided I wasn't going to throw my money out the window like that. Yo no soy rica!/I am not rich! I now use MagicJack, but to my surprise the company just raised their prices. From $19.95 to $29.99 for the regular MagicJack. Guess it was a matter of time. I forgot I needed to renew mine, found out when I went to make a call and got the message. That's how little I use the phone. I tried renewing my plan but their site wouldn't take my card. They put a trouble ticket but never got back to me. Right now I can only receive phone calls so of course I have been in need of using the phone a lot lately. Hay que joderse! Have to contact them to see if they will still give me the old price since it wasn't my fault that their site wouldn't take my card. Wish me luck!Photobucket

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