Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day/Feliz Día De San Valentín!

Happy Valentine's Day/Feliz Día de San Valentín! I know I'm late in the day, but I have been busy. We really don't celebrate this day, it's like any other day for us. My daughter received roses from her boyfriend. He sent her red roses in a red vase. Very pretty, she was very happy because it was a surprise. Oh yeah, I forgot. I received an ecard from my ex, lol. During the years we were together he barely remembered this day. Now, after two years I get one. Men! 

I have been busy painting my bedroom with my son's help. Well, he did most of it. I don't remember painting being so hard! Especially the ceiling, I guess that's was happens when you are old. I remember when I was young painting our house and not being in pain and sweating buckets! Thank God we are done. Now to put all the stuff back inside. My living room looks like a bomb exploded. I have too much junk so some of it is going in the trash. Who gets a cold from painting? Me! I had to open the window in my room while we were painting, so both (my son and I) got a cold. Cough, cough... 

Anyway, I hope everyone is enjoying their day/night/morning wherever you are. That you at least got a hug from you loved ones or friends. My daughter just came from Target and I had asked her to bring some chocolates but she was already on the bus. Tomorrow K-mart will probably have some sales, so she said she's going to bring me some. I guess I'm getting some Valentine's Day chocolates after all. Even if it is a day late!♥♥

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