Friday, February 17, 2012

My Handwriting, A Memory & Music.

I have been slacking off on the February Photo Challenge I joined not too long ago. Have been busy finishing up with my messy living room and bedroom. Throwing out stuff and shredding tons of papers. I still have a laundry basket and a big drawer full of papers, ugh. One tend to accumulate so much junk as we get viejos/old. I took a break today to catch up with things. Plus my allergies are driving me loca!

I missed six days of the photo challenge so I'm posting the last three days. Day 15 is handwriting. I love pens, notepads, post its, almost any office supply. With computers these days we don't use pen and paper often. I do appointments and reminders the old fashion way. It takes too long to get to your information when you keep it in your computer and you need it right away.

Day 16 is a memory. I have so many good memories from going to Times Square. Since I was a kid, the place to go when you didn't have anything to do was Times Square. Just to walk around, take photos, have dinner and sit somewhere for hours. Until 4AM. When my kids were small I would go to Times Square with my family or friends. My son in a stroller and my daughter with a child safety hand strap. They were so good, no complains or misbehaving. Good memories.

Day 17 (today) is music. I don't own an iPod so my phone is what I use to listen to music. I have it with me at all times. Can't take a shower without it! I even use it when I sleep. I have an app that plays nature sounds. I leave it on all night to muffle the outside noise. That app is a life saver! I'll share it on my next post...

Day 15 - My Handwriting
Day 15 - My Handwriting
Day 16 - A Memory, Times Square
Day 16 - A Memory
Day 17 - Music - My cell phone
Day 17 - Music

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