Saturday, February 18, 2012

Organize It With Clipix!

PhotobucketAre you one of those people like me that has over a hundreds of sites saved? It used to take me hours to search for something I was looking for because I have so  many things I like to go back to. Not anymore, thanks to clipix! Clipix is a new site where you create clipboards to clip those interesting things you want to go back to later. You can create clipboards for recipes, music, vacations spots, the possibilities are endless. You can create as many as you want!

It is so simple to save to your clipboards. Add a clipix bookmark to your bookmark bar and when you want to save something, just click on the clipix button. It will ask you to which boards to want to clip it to, if you want to change the description and choose which image you want to use with it. You can also choose if you want to share it to Twitter. I like that!

You can share your clipboards with your friends, the whole world or just keep it to yourself. That's something I like about this site. How easy it is to make your clipboards private or public. Just one click on the little lock you see on the clipboard and voila, your content is either private or public! It's that easy! I like not having to go into another page to change the privacy settings.

You can also create synchboards with your friends or family. With synchboards you will see in real time whenever anyone of them clips something to the synchboards. How cool is that! No waiting for an email to let you know they added a clip. It shows up right away. Then there are the multiboards. You group them by category so you can organize them better in case you have hundreds of clipboards.

It is easy to open an account with Clipix. You can either log in with your Facebook or Twitter account or you can sign up by email. I personally use my Twitter account to log in. If you log in with either Facebook or Twitter you have the choice to invite your Facebook friends or your followers. With Facebook you can choose which friends you want to send the invite to. With Twitter you send a tweet with a link to the Clipix main page. Or you can send invites by email. You can have an account in no time!

Want to see how Clipix works? You can see a video below showing you how it works. So far, I have clipboards for recipes, TV and music related stuff. What things would you save in your clipboards?

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